AsteriskNow Now Has 1-Click Features

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AsteriskNow Now Has 1-Click Features

As I reported a few weeks ago when AsteriskNOW was first released, Digium planned on adding auto-provisioning for Polycom IP phones as well as a BuyNOW link for buying Polycom phones directly from the admin interface. Bill Miller, the VP of Product Management of Digium told me they were working on adding VoIP service providers to the admin interface as well, so you can have a 1-click experience. Specifically, I stated:
One of the things you will see that we're in the process of doing is adding a series of service providers that are partners of ours and add it to the GUI. The user can select their own service provider if they already have a VoIP service provider or they can get one directly from our GUI and it will be preconfigured. You click on it and you have 'One Click VoIP services'.

Bill mentioned they are working closely with Polycom so that their IP phones can be auto-provisioned. In addition, he mentioned they will soon be adding an affiliate link "Buy Now" on the GUI so that users can click a link and easily buy a preconfigured Polycom phone to work with Asterisk.

Well at ITEXPO, Digium made the big announcement that AsteriskNOW additions include automatic purchasing and provisioning capabilities with Polycom through the BuyNOW feature, instant account set-up with VoicePulse, a provider of VoIP services, and a Direct Inward Dial (DID) feature that enables mapping each ITSP assigned phone number with local extensions as well as special handling of those calls.

In addition, they announced an update to the Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit (AADK), a developer kit featuring the upcoming Asterisk hardware-based appliance. The AADK features a pre-production version of the Asterisk Appliance, the Asterisk GUI framework, 2-4 port FXS cards, 2-4 port FXO cards, multi-media add-on cards, 8 MB Flash, cables for all port types, a Polycom IP phone, a CD with all software, documentation and specifications, how-to manuals, Digium support details and Asterisk memorabilia. The Professional bundle includes three-day training for $3,995 USD. The Administrative bundles include a one-day training class for $2,795 USD and the Standard bundle includes webinar training for $2,195 USD.

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