AstriCon 2013 Keynote Panel [VIDEO]

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AstriCon 2013 Keynote Panel [VIDEO]

This morning the first keynote kicked off featuring some well-respected Asterisk thought leaders and experts. They included Asterisk founder, Chairman & CTO Mark Spencer, Alistair Cunningham the Founder & General Manager, Integrics, Olle E. Johansson, Founder & President, Edvina AB, Philippe Lindheimer, FreePBX Project Leader and CTO, Schmooze Com, Inc., Schmooze Com, Inc.

The room was packed and the keynote panelists were moderated by Digium's David Duffett who posed some great questions. I pretty much captured the entire keynote, but did stop the 1st video at the 18 minute mark, since I was worried my mobile phone was running out of storage space and didn't want the video to be corrupted. I immediately kicked off the 2nd video, however.

So, ever want to hear how Asterisk got started from Mark Spencer's own lips? Want to know how FreePBX got started from Phillipe? Then these two videos are for you! There's lots more contained in the videos, including plenty of humor, but I won't spoil it. Watch and enjoy!

Update: I find low-res YouTube videos are annoying. So I re-uploaded the videos and now they're HD!

Part 2:

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