Digium AEX410 Launches

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Digium AEX410 Launches

aex410.pngDigium announced the immediate availability of the AEX410, a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. The AEX410 is a PCI-Express board that compliments Digium's existing PCI-based TDM410 product.

The AEX410 offers analog (FXS) stations and analog trunk (FXO) modules for connecting to the PSTN or analog devices. An optional DSP-based 128ms line echo cancellation for the AEX410 is provided by Digium's VPMADT032 G.168 module. The optional hardware echo cancellation module provides 1024 taps (128 milliseconds) of echo cancellation for superior voice quality on both trunk and station interfaces.

According to the Digium blog, the naming convention is as follows:

Where X indicates the number of FXS (station) modules (ports)
Where Y indicates the number of FXO (trunk) modules (ports)
Where Z indicates either B for bundles not containing DSP-based echo cancellation or E for bundles that do contain DSP-based echo cancellation.

So for example, here are some sample models, though not limited to just these:
AEX422E <- 2 FXS, 2 FXO, has DSP echo cancellation
AEX440E <- 4 FXS, 0 FXO, has DSP echo cancellation
AEX404E <- 0 FXS, 4 FXO, has DSP echo cancellation

The AEX410 board product utilizes Digium's wctdm24xxp driver file that is part of the Zaptel (soon-to-be DAHDI) driver package. For more info, check out the blog post.

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