Digium|Asterisk World Expands At ITEXPO

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Digium|Asterisk World Expands At ITEXPO

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and Digium announced that all exhibit space sold out at their expanded Digium|Asterisk World, scheduled to take place Jan. 20-22, 2010 as part of ITEXPO East in Miami, Florida. Recently, TMC was forced to expand the Digium|Asterisk World exhibit showcase since all 16 spaces originally allocated had been sold. There are now 21 companies participating. Just goes to show you that the open source Asterisk movement is still growing strong even with current economic conditions.

I'll never forget my November 2001 column where I went "In Search Of A Linux-Based PBX" and when I first discovered Asterisk and was smitten by the prospects of an open source PBX. Well, just 9 years later, Asterisk's founding company Digium and my company TMC are partnering to bring some the best open source IP communications solutions on the planet to ITEXPO. I can't tell you how great it feels to have a company I passionately work for (TMC) and a company/movement I'm a huge fan of (Digium/Asterisk movement) working together.

The 21 companies now participating include:

  • Digium
  • Freeside Internet Services
  • TransNexus
  • Redfone Communications
  • ListYourNumber
  • Aksys Networks Inc
  • Xorcom
  • Asteria
  • Coredial
  • Infradapt
  • VoicePulse
  • OrecX
  • Braxtel
  • AG Projects
  • Konftel
  • Polycom
  • Synway
  • Odin TeleSystems
  • Presence Technology
  • Aheeva
  • Dialogic

In addition to the exhibit showcase, The Digium|Asterisk World Conference program features three days of informative sessions, broken up into three tracks:
* The Enterprise Focus covers HD Voice, SIP Phones for Asterisk, Mission Critical and large-scale Asterisk for business, and more. Learn how Asterisk radically changes the business proposition for PBX and telephony solutions in Enterprise!
* The Contact Center Focus covers unified communications, multi-seat VoIP call centers, and sessions dedicated to open source market analysis and forecasts.
* And the Reseller Opportunities track addresses specific methods to add value to Asterisk-based sales processes and solutions, as well as IBM's recent Asterisk-based products.

Speakers include representatives from Skype, IBM, Digium, Polycom, Aastra, and a variety of integrators, developers and resellers who have provided solutions with Asterisk towards efforts such as the 2008 presidential primaries, delivering fail-proof solutions for stock trading floor communications, and scaling Asterisk to tens of thousands of endpoints inside Enterprise customer networks. Their experiences help you understand the market, the opportunity, and the profitability of Asterisk as a component in the formula to bring successful results to your customer's telecommunications challenges.

Digium CEO Danny Windham will address the entire ITEXPO and Digium/Asterisk World audience through a keynote address on Thursday, Jan. 21, that discusses the evolution of open source and its growth in enterprise, government and carrier markets.

"Underscoring the maturity and the evolution of Asterisk, our fourth annual Digium|Asterisk World will attract the largest crowd, and provide the greatest level of training and education that we've ever offered," said Digium CEO Danny Windham.

Digium|Asterisk World is one of several conference collocated with ITEXPO East 2010 in Miami. Others include 4GWE Conference, Smart Grid Summit, M2M Evolution, and Cloud Communications Summit at ITEXPO.

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