Digium's Billy Chia Speaks to Packed AstriCon Session

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Digium's Billy Chia Speaks to Packed AstriCon Session

The first session I checked out was by Billy Chia, the Asterisk Marketing Manager for Digium and it was a packed house. I didn't count people, but it must have been at least 80-100 people. Billy gave a live demo running Asterisk on a virtual machine on his Mac where he ran into a minor snafu where restarting Asterisk wouldn't fix his sip reload command. Nothing Bill Gates BSOD during a demo cringe-worthy, and Billy handled it well. Was related to his laptop going into sleep mode.

In any event, Billy did a nice job explaining some troubleshooting tips and he got some great questions from the audience. Here's a 4 minute video I took just to give you a taste of AstriCon. I took it on my new Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone from the far back of the room. The video is pretty good even with digital zoom, but I didn't realize the audio was a bit low. I re-encoded it using Handbrake before I noticed the low audio or I would have used Handbrake to amplify the audio before uploading to YouTube so you didn't need to crank your PC's volume. In any event, enjoy!

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