Fonality PBXtra the world's largest commercial Asterisk deployment

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Fonality PBXtra the world's largest commercial Asterisk deployment

Chris Lyman, my pal over at Fonality (and their Founder/CEO) told me that Fonality will soon announce its position as "the world's largest commercial Asterisk deployment." Them's some mighty BIG claims!  But I have no doubts it's true. Well, maybe a few doubts. I would have thought the Linux gurus that download and install Asterisk for free, would as a whole be the #1 commercial Asterisk deployment. Chris stated, "It is important to distinguish between free Asterisk downloads and the 1,000 companies that have actually purchased PBXtra to run their business," Chris Lyman said."There is no secret why Fonality is leading the Asterisk market: we've extended Asterisk far beyond its base feature set, added tons of stability code and provide our customers with 24-hour support."

Chris told me that more than 1,000 SMBs with 15,000 employees have purchased and deployed Fonality's PBXtra, an Asterisk-based IP-PBX that began shipping in October 2004 and which is now averaging more than one million calls per week across its PBXtra platform.
PBXtra is less expensive and easier to deploy than all other major PBX offerings on the market today. The price advantage comes from open source technology and the deployment ease comes from an intuitive, web-based interface designed for the average business owner. PBXtra combines simplicity of installation with depth of features, providing SMBs with an enterprise-class PBX for 40 percent to 80 percent less than competitive offerings.

Fonality's PBXtra product line includes enterprise-class features such as telecommuting, branch office support, voicemail-to-email, click-to-call, VoIP, softphones, support for IP and analog phones, call recording, conferencing and advanced call center functionality. In addition to PBXtra Standard Edition and Call Center Edition, Fonality also offers PBXtra customers HUDpro, (Heads-up Display Professional) its real-time call control and presence management application.

PBXtra is available direct from Fonality or through a Fonality reseller. Pricing starts at $995 for the PBXtra Standard Edition server with unlimited licenses, or $2,935 with ten phones. PBXtra's Call Center Edition, which allows for distributed call centers, is $1,995. HUDpro is $995 for an unlimited seat licenses with support for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. For more information about PBXtra, HUD or becoming a Fonality reseller, visit

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