Fonality's trixbox appliance Part 2

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Fonality's trixbox appliance Part 2

Fonality's release of their Linux-based trixbox appliance certainly is creating some buzz in the Asterisk community. According to Fonality, the trixbox appliance has the following features:

  • The appliance comes with a 4-port network card, so (just like the Digium appliance) you can do your office networking on it.
  • It comes pre-loaded with the trixbox software – which saves you time
  • It comes with two 80GB hard drives so it has lots of storage (the Digium appliance comes with 1 1GB flash drive).
  • The appliance comes with a powerful Intel processor (vs. a small Blackfin processor).
You can check out the full feature-set here:

It certainly would be interesting to compare/contrast the trixbox appliance vs. the Digium appliance. Something certainly worthy of adding to the TMC Labs review queue. The original news story was updated with a product image of the trixbox appliance, which is an interesting fluorescent green color, so go take a gander at the updated article.

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