HUDLite for Asterisk Launches

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HUDLite for Asterisk Launches


Fonality today announced the immediate availability of HUDlite, a free application for Asterisk that provides businesses with a real-time call control and presence management platform, along with other features such as chat/IM and call recording. Based on HUDPro (paid version), HUDlite is available for download at, a web site that also provides a user forum and documentation. Fonality's CEO/founder Chris Lyman told me last week, "We have silently launched HUDlite (as you know) and already have almost 4,000 downloads." There is certainly a lot of "buzz" within the Asterisk community over the HUDLite application, which is probably the best call management, presence application (and other functionality) for the Asterisk platform.

"Free HUDlite helps bring Asterisk to the masses, making it much easier to use and even more powerful. Fonality has benefited so much from the Asterisk movement. We are excited to finally give back."

Through a user-friendly interface that runs on Windows XP, Mac or Linux desktops, users of HUDlite can see when other employees are on calls, to whom they are talking and whether calls are internal, external or in a queue-even if the employees are not in the office.

Mark Spencer, president of Digium and creator of Asterisk, made the following comment about HUD: "Fonality's new HUD application provides Asterisk users with an innovative and extremely productive way to improve their operations with call presence awareness and call management."

Features of HUDlite include:

Drag-and-Drop Calling - call external numbers, internal extensions and numbers listed on websites and in documents by dragging and dropping numbers on HUDlite

Real-Time Call Controls - use a mouse to quickly transfer calls to employees and to voicemail, place calls in a general parking area, even put calls on hold and tag them with notes

Call Monitor/Barge - barge or passively monitor inbound and outbound calls and better manage high call volumes, such as those in call centers

On-the-Fly Recording - allow employees and their managers to record calls with the press of a button - another required feature for call centers and for specific markets including legal and medical

HUDpro, the commercial version of HUD, is also available from Fonality ($995 unlimited seat license) and provides additional features, including advanced multi-hierarchical permission systems, enterprise-class secure instant messaging, mobile phone contact, Outlook integration, CRM integration with screen pops, and comes pre-installed and configured by Fonality's support team.

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