Mark Spencer AsteriCon 2012 Keynote! [VIDEO]

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Mark Spencer AsteriCon 2012 Keynote! [VIDEO]

Yesterday, I posted a bunch of AstriCon photos, including panoramic photos and even a 360 degree panoramic. Well today I've got some video for ya! Here's Mark Spencer, Founder of Asterisk, giving the opening keynote address at AstriCon 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. This took place about an hour ago. I would have had this up even quicker, but I'm struggling with sporadic Wi-Fi and even 4G coverage in the hotel. Too many Asterisk geeks with too many wireless gadgets overloading the wireless access points since the Wi-Fi in my hotel room works just fine using the same bandwidth connection. In any event, enjoy!

[It's HD, so click for full-screen]

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