Mark Spencer podcast interview

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Mark Spencer podcast interview

Ronald Lewis interviewed Mark Spencer, Asterisk founder/guru this morning. I listened to the podcast while simultaneously trying to read and respond to email, surf the Web, and prepare for Internet Telephony Expo next week. Unfortunately, my multitasking skills aren't what they used to be since I only absorbed probably 30% of the entire interview. I could tell there were some good questions posed by Ronald and interesting answers by Mark making it worth checking out the podcast. Maybe I'll go listen to it again. I know Mark discussed the history of Asterisk, the release of Asterisk v1.2, the whole SIP vs. IAX protocol debate, and some other stuff.

Ronald Lewis and Mark Spencer no doubt used VoIP to record the podcast using a combination of Asterisk and Gabcast, which supports IAX Asterisk trunking and which I just blogged about yesterday. In fact, I detect one little "blip" in the sound quality in one part due to some dropped packets in one part of the interview. But overall, great voice quality and some good content. Go check out the Gabcast recorded interview.

Update: I called this a "podcast" interview, when technically it doesn't play on your iPod but rather on the web. You can of course view the HTML source to figure out the MP3 filename and then manually download to your iPod, but Gabcast doesn't feature the typical automatic seemlessly "podcast" integration. At least, not that I can see from the website.

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