Octasic adds Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) to Asterisk IP-PBXs

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Octasic adds Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) to Asterisk IP-PBXs

Octasic today announced the availability of Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR), an add-on feature for Asterisk-based IP-PBX systems.  According to Octasic, adding the ANR feature to SoftEcho, an echo cancellation software, makes this "the clearest voice quality in the Asterisk market." That's a mighty big claim, however Sangoma and Digium, leaders of hardware used in Asterisk solutions, BOTH use Octasic in their hardware for echo cancellation. Thus I have no reason to doubt their claim of the cleared voice quality. Now with this news announcement, you can get echo cancellation and Adaptive Noise Reduction using Octasic. Octasic is speaking at TMC's Communications Developer Conference, so they probably timed this news to coincide with the conference.  

"Through the addition of ANR, Octasic continues to improve it's SoftEcho for Asterisk, offering an even more crystal clear, noise-free experience,” said Frédéric Bourget, Director of Product Management for Octasic. "Although we are getting very good feedback from current customers, we will continue to provide added value free of charge.”

SoftEcho ANR will significantly improve sound quality on the Asterisk system, eliminating much of the noise one hears on a phone call, specifically when in a loud environment. Conferencing applications where multiple callers are on the line will benefit tremendously by the noticeable reduction in background noise.

Within this latest release Octasic has also improved performance of the echo cancellation algorithm reducing CPU usage for up to 16 channels while maintaining the same praised quality.  

SoftEcho is available for download, with ANR, for $10 per channel at www.octware.net. For those already using SoftEcho, the ANR feature download is free.

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