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Open Source VoIP Debate

I thoroughly enjoyed reading George Ou's ZDnet article titled "The great open source VoIP Debate" where he moderated some panelists discussing and debating over open source in the VoIP space. The VoIP open source debate took place at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo a couple of weeks ago in Miami. Partaking in the debate were some VoIP open source "heavyweights" including Mark Spencer creator of Asterisk and CEO of Digium, Bill Rich, CEO of Pingtel; and Alan Hawrylyshen, CTO of Jasomi Networks.

The discussion definitely seemed quite lively and although I am disappointed I was too busy at the show to attend this open source debate, George Ou's article definitely makes it seem like you were there at this conference panel debate. I also missed the opportunity to meet George who I have found to offer some great insights into what's happening in the VoIP space. George, if you're reading this, let's catch up at the next VoIP show!

Go check out George's article here:
George Ou - The great open source VoIP debate -

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