Open-Source Telephony and a Digium/Asterisk Visit

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Open-Source Telephony and a Digium/Asterisk Visit

Rich Tehrani went down to Huntsville, Alabama to visit with Mr. Asterisk/Digium/Guru/God/Great One himself, Mark Spencer, along with some other folks from Digium. He captured some great photos of his trip, including Mark and Danny Windham, the CEO of Digium holding the "infamous" Linux penguin. These photos are taken from Rich's blog entry posted today.

Of course, I've got one up on Rich, since I got to hold the infamous penguin myself when I visited back in 2005, so nah!

Tom Keating with Asterisk-guru Mark Spencer

What's this???? Mark holding a Microsoft XBox with a Digum logo on it? Microsoft, the arch-rival of Linux? Has Mark betrayed us and gone Microsoftie?

No worries - I'm sure Mark hacked his XBox and is running some homebrew software on it. I bet he even installed Linux or maybe even he installed Asterisk on his Microsoft XBox. Now that would be cool! Not as cool as Asterisk running on AppleTV mind you, but cool nonetheless!

According to Rich, Digium is building their new offices, as seen by these next 2 pictures. WOW! They must be growing like gangbusters since when I visited them in 2005 they just moved into that new building. Now just 2 years later and they've moving again. Look at the size of this place. Congrats to the Digium team!

Digium new office

What's this? I see Mark Spencer and TMC's Dave Rodriguez riding in Mark's cool roadster vehicle? I didn't get to ride this vehicle when I went to Alabama.  Would have been fun to compare this ride with my Viper. My news source tells me that Mark gets plenty of tickets with this vehicle, as do I, so we're in good company. You owe me a ride Mark!

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