Podcast Interview with Digium CEO Danny Windham

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Podcast Interview with Digium CEO Danny Windham

Just want to point you to Rich Tehrani's interview with Digium CEO Danny Windham. He covers everything from open source to Web 2.0 & mashups. Digium is the 'heart and soul' of the Asterisk movement, so when their CEO speaks, I listen.

Truth be told, I haven't listened to the podcast myself yet, so I wonder if Rich mentioned to Danny my humorous Hulk post from yesterday, which is about Digium. Well, my attempt at humor. The Hulk article explains that Asterisk/Digium is the superhero saving us from the evil proprietary PBX villains. But our superhero (the Hulk/Digium/Asterisk) may have some recent flaws that may need addressing by Digium. Still, I have faith in Digium/Asterisk/Hulk. The Hulk has never let me down before.

Anyway, go check out the podcast.

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