Skype for Asterisk Launches

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Skype for Asterisk Launches

skype-for-asterisk.pngAt TMC's ITEXPO, Digium and Skype announced the official launch of Skype for Asterisk, which was launched as a closed beta back in September 2008. Well, now anyone can now download Skype for Asterisk and make & receive low-cost calls leveraging Skype.

According to Digium, "Now businesses can take advantage of Skype's low-cost calling to landlines and mobile phones and free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users around the world. Skype for Asterisk allows businesses to access the world's largest community of people communicating over the Internet, natively encrypts all voice calls and lets companies manage their Skype user accounts via Skype's Web-based Business Control Panel. Businesses already using an Asterisk-based phone system can add Skype as another complementary form of communications by downloading Skype for Asterisk, without additional costly hardware. Skype users can benefit from the advanced call features of Asterisk, including call transfer, interactive voice response, automated call distribution, flexible call-routing and many more."

"Digium has been using Skype for Asterisk for the past few months while the product has been in development," said Danny Windham, CEO of Digium. "We created Skype accounts such as Digium Sales and Digium Support--a convention I suspect many companies will quickly adopt. Now, our customers all over the world can call us for free using Skype and our Asterisk PBX processes the inbound call just like it would a normal call. This is going to save Digium and our customers a lot of money."

DATUS Corporation is a Digium Select Partner with nearly four decades of experience designing and implementing communications networks in Germany. The company has nearly completed an Asterisk installation at 2,100 sites for LVM Versicherungen, a major insurance firm, and also works with Digium to design features for Asterisk that are of particular interest to European businesses. "Adding Skype for Asterisk to the DATUS indali OBX, our IP-PBX, will offer our customers inexpensive and secure international calling that, for instance, could be used for toll free customer services," said Jonny Kueppers, vice president of sales and marketing at DATUS. "We believe that the price and cost savings will be welcome with today's budgets."

"The combination of Skype and Asterisk gives those companies that have relied on Skype the advanced call management capabilities of Asterisk, while Asterisk users get free calling to more than 400 million registered Skype users and low Skype rates when calling landlines and mobiles," said Stefan Öberg, vice president and general manager of Skype for Business. "We believe the product will bring together two of the largest groups of users that value flexibility and cost savings in their PBX systems."

Foehn Ltd, Digium's U.K. Solutions Partner, has been designing and implementing Asterisk-based solutions for more than five years. The company's technical director, James Passingham, commented: "With Skype for Asterisk, we can offer our clients even more freedom in business communications. The ability to unlock the lower call costs of Skype provides a huge savings opportunity, especially for those with offices and customers around the globe."

Skype for Asterisk Features
Skype for Asterisk, which is compatible with the free and open source Asterisk versions 1.4, 1.6 and AsteriskNOW™, as well as the commercially licensed Asterisk Business Edition™, is unique in the market today. It is the only solution that integrates directly with Skype, enables multiple concurrent Skype calls from a single Skype account, and supports both G.711 and G.729a calling.
  • Make Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • Receive calls with online numbers (SkypeIn).
  • Make world-wide PSTN calls to landline and mobile phones (SkypeOut).
  • Make and receive multiple concurrent Skype calls from the same Skype account.
  • DTMF support for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Read Skype profile fields from incoming calls.
  • Set and retrieve online status.
  • Set privacy settings.
  • Handle incoming Skype calls using Asterisk applications such as voicemail, ACD, MeetMe conferencing, etc.
  • Simultaneous access from both Asterisk and the Skype desktop client.
  • Trunk calls between Asterisk servers over Skype.
  • Supports G.711 and G.729 (included) codecs.

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This is a long awaited plugin and I hope to use it soon. I think many have waited a long time for this. Now any astersik server can use skype's flat rate call plans for making calls.

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