trixbox CE 2.4 Released

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trixbox CE 2.4 Released

trixbox CE 2.4 was recently released and features some major improvements. trixbox CE 2.4 features CentOS 5.1 as the base operating system and Asterisk 1.4 as the engine. These are two major improvements over prior releases.

Fonality's Kerry Garrison writes, "One problem with trixbox CE 2.x is the lack of hardware support for current systems, especially newer Dell platforms. The vast majority of this has been solved because trixbox CE 2.4 is now based on top of the latest CentOS 5.1 kernel. This now provides support for a much larger number of motherboards, network cards and components such as hardware raid controllers. CentOS 5.1 also has high resolution timers built into the kernel so the need for hardware timers on the PCI bus should no longer be required, this is promised to make systems running in VMware or XEN sessions work much better."

If you're an Asterisk fan, you're probably wondering if it such a good idea for trixbox CE to jump to Asterisk 1.4 from Asterisk 1.2 because Asterisk 1.4 had some speed & stability problems. It's one of the reasons why trixbox stuck with 1.2 and probably even why Fonality's PBXtra has kept 1.2 as its core. At least that's what I remember Chris Lyman telling me awhile back. Well, according to Kerry, the stability issues seem to have been pretty well solved in current versions of Asterisk 1.4.

Asterisk 1.4 gives trixbox CE some enhanced features, including:
  • Generic Jitter Buffer- improves the quality of a call during network congestion.
  • Asterisk Extension Language Version 2- simplifies programming and dial plan configuration.
  • T.38- allows IP FAXes to pass through the server.
  • Jabber/Jingle/GoogleTalk- supports compatibility with all of these networks.
  • Increased language capabilities- offers new language capabilities in English, Spanish and French as well as new sounds and improved sentence structure support.
  • Unified Messaging- integrates voicemail, email, and fax into a central mailbox where users can send, retrieve and manage all of their messages using any communication device.
  • Whisper Paging- allows for selective, pre-programmed call interruption with controlled volume levels and muting capabilities.
  • Variable lengthDTMF support
  • Proper implementation of DTMF rfc2833
Apparently fax support is better as well. Kerry said, "Faxing has never been a priorty for the trixbox team until very recently. With the help of the user community they have pretty much solved faxing issues for most people. Due to codec translation, faxing is still not quite usable over VoIP circuits, but users with analog or digital circuits should have very good results now."

What are you still standing around here for? Go grab yourself a copy!

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