Oracle and Siebel what does it mean?

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Oracle and Siebel what does it mean?

My analysis of the recent Oracle acquiring Siebel deal.

Oracle/Siebel - we want to own your customer data (Oracle) and present that data with the best CRM application front-end (Siebel).

Microsoft - we're trying really hard to own your customer data (Microsoft SQL) running a CRM application (Microsoft CRM) but alas Microsoft CRM still lags behind Siebel. Hey, at least we own the desktop! Besides our so-called competitor, Google doesn't own any industry-leading CRM applications either. Now if Google bought FrontRange Solutions then they'd compete with us in the CRM space. Oh wait, we didn't just suggest that. Google, if you buy FrontRange Solutions Steve Ballmer will kill you!

Google - we want to own everything, including your web searching habits, market research (what people click on, ad click-throughs), VoIP (GoogleTalk), satellite imagery of where you live (Google Maps), how you search your desktop (Google Desktop), what you read, i.e. Google News, etc. etc. Hmmm, buying FrontRange Solutions isn't a bad idea. ;)

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