Web-based GUI comes to Frontrange HEAT

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Web-based GUI comes to Frontrange HEAT

Users of the popular Frontrange HEAT software, a help-desk service & support CRM solution, have been clamoring for a web-based front-end interface for some time. Well, NetworkD informs me through blood, sweat, and tears they've added an HTML interface to HEAT via their iNferndo product and are leveraging AJAX for real-time screen updates. Oh and by the way, HEAT supports VoIP through integration with Frontrange's relatively new FrontRange IPCC voice applications platform, making HEAT a great solution for multi-site centers or even home-based agents since they can leverage low-cost VoIP calls.

Mark Reed from NetworkD writes to me, "We were promised over the last few years by Frontrange that they would develop a web-based front-end for HEAT and they never delivered. Finally we heard from their development manager that they gave up on trying to provide that functionality so NetworkD stepped in to create that for them. This is pretty newsworthy since this product is filling such a large gap in the HEAT product. I've personally poured my heart into creating this product working tirelessly thousands of hours."

Well, I say well done, Mark. Look at these screenshots, the interface sure seem functional and pretty too!

NetwordD iNferno
NetwordD iNferno

Update: 9/21/07
Jason Holmberg, HEAT Product Manager responded to me, "FrontRange has not abandoned the prospects for a web user interface for the HEAT product. We continue to invest in the HEAT architecture and are making the necessary changes to better facilitate a web user interface."

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