Cisco AutoQoS Enables Easy VoIP QoS

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Cisco AutoQoS Enables Easy VoIP QoS

cisco-logo.gifSaw a good article on Enterprise Networking Planet about AutoQoS, a new Cisco IOS command to make provisioning QoS on your router much simpler -- much more plug-n-play. With time-sensitive (latency, jitter) apps such as VoIP, QoS is critical. How simple is turning on AutoQoS? Well, to turn on QoS on your WAN interface, you just type this:

interface Serial0
bandwidth 256
autoqos voip

AutoQoS is a new IOS feature for Cisco routers that Cisco decided to add when it realized it needed to simplify the complexity of QoS for their customers. AutoQoS can be enabled on both WAN links and Ethernet switches to automatically provide VoIP traffic prioritization.

For a more detailed explanation, check out the article written by Charlie Schluting

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