A Hot One for Lenovo!!!

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A Hot One for Lenovo!!!

Holy flaming laptops Batman!

Crazy stuff just keeps on happening in the saga of explodiing notebook computers.  Now we have Lenovo pledging today that public safety "will be the company's first priority" following an incident in which a Lenovo ThinkPad T43 laptop (with a Sony battery; any surprise there?) caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport recently. That's the culprit pictured at right.

(Now that's scary!)

Now Lenovo engineers are working around the clock at laboratories in Japan and Raleigh, N.C., to determine the cause of the fire. Seems no other laptops have met a similar fate, but makes you wonder if the laptop you have at home or in the office or on the train or on a plane with you may suddenly go crazy on you ...

Interestingly, the "fiery" T43 used the same Sony battery cells that were at the center of a recall of nearly 6 million Dell and Apple laptops earlier this year, but the battery pack has a different design than those of Apple and Dell. Lenovo's design is aimed at shutting down the system before it gets to the point of extreme overheating (always a good idea, I say!).

Computer Reseller News (or CRN to its fans) had some good coverage of this latest string of bad news for anyone who likes to be mobile and computing.

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