A Joy Good Fellowes!

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A Joy Good Fellowes!

Ergonomics is big if your a PC gamer, emailer, IMer, surfer or use the PC for anything else.

(There's nothing worse that tired hands, wrists, etc., when you've been at the keyboard all day, unless it's a tired brain, don't you think).

Well, Fellowes has carved out a niche for itself in this area with their excellent keyboard drawer line. They also make monitor, printer and telephone stands; keyboard arms; wrist supports; copyholders; and foot and back rests.

(This is their "workspace ergonomics" line -- but no reason it couldn' be called "funspace ergonomics" line, instead.)

Its Office Suites Deluxe Keyboard Drawer with Soft Touch Wrist Rest offers exceptional comfort and support -- and we've been through many other  models that don't do either very well.

The keyboard tray is easy to customize and can be installed at three different heights for comfort or to clear other stuff under your desk -- like file cabinets. The mouse tray mounts on either the left of right side of keyboard tray and can be slid underneath it when not in use. (Less clutter on the desktop -- always a good idea!)

Other features include a gel-like wrist support which can be affixed to the front of the keyboard tray and ball-bearing glide tracks to keep the drawer sliding easily.

Suggested price: $55.00



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