Ergo Keys: Any Way You Want Them -- It's Your Keyboard!

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Ergo Keys: Any Way You Want Them -- It's Your Keyboard!

It seems like a pretty wacky idea, but having a keyboard that you can customize (I mean really customize) can make a lot of sense.

Ergodex's DX1 Input System is the first in a new category of input device that features movable programmable keys  -- and exceptional performance, especially for gamers, engineering professionals and artists (quite the grouping!).

The DX1 consists of a Pad on which you place individual Keys anywhere you want, and then you tell the computer what you want the Keys to do.

The DX1 Keys are assigned to match a single keyboard key, such as the letter "a" or to perform a more complex macro containing a series of keystrokes. Keys are also "application" aware, so as the user changes from, say, email to Photoshop, Keys automatically change to the macros for Photoshop.

Even though Keys contain advanced electronics, they have no batteries and no wires; they communicate wirelessly with the DX1 pad.

Ergodex’s "Molecular Velcro," an "inexhaustible adhesive", allows Keys to adhere tightly on the Pad, and a slight twist loosens a Key so it can be moved or micro-positioned for optimal placement.

MSRP: $149.95 or


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