Hard Drives Slow Down With Loud Background Noise

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Hard Drives Slow Down With Loud Background Noise

unusual-disk-latency-700px.png Apparently, disk drives are more sensitive to minor vibrations than previously thought. A blog post by Sun Microsystems engineer Brendan Gregg called "Unusual disk latency" discovered unusually high disk I/O latency during a streaming write test. He explains how disk drives latency can shoot up dramatically when someone shouts at them making them perform more slowly.

Yes, that's right, he can make his hard drives slow down simply by screaming at them. We've all been there, screaming at our PCs or Macs, i.e. "Curses you for crashing in the middle of my email novel! Stupid PC!" Like an impetulant child that stubbornly refuses to do what it is told even when yelled at, apparently hard drives have feelings too. Or it could simply be explained by the fact that hard drives have safety mechanisms which stop the hard drive during vibrations to prevent damage. Me, I'm going with the impetulance thing.

Play the video for all his screaming glory.

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