Intel Inside, I Mean Leap Ahead

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Intel Inside, I Mean Leap Ahead

It's been a little more than week since Intel launched a new branding campaign to replace the famous and very effective "Intel Inside" campaign that positioned a lowly computer chip as one of the key items consumers should think about when buying a computer.

Yes, it's been a week and I still can't get used to the new "Intel. Leap Ahead" company tagline.  Just doesn't have that succinct message of the "Intel Inside" tagline.The "Leap Ahead" makes me think of anything but technology, which makes sense (I guess) since Intel is moving into the living room with its new Viiv concept -- and the living room is where you live with technology transparently (hopefully), rather than dealing with technology like we have come to learn from so many computer glitches and headaches over the years. (Hey, they are not all Intel's fault, and I'm certainly not blaming them.)

"Intel. Leap Ahead."

Does this get anybody warm and fuzzy over the company's image?

Anybody got any better ideas?

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