Toshiba Battery Problems! Here We Go Again (Sony)!

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Toshiba Battery Problems! Here We Go Again (Sony)!

Can you believe this?

Now Toshiba is recalling 340,000 batteries from their notebook computers that were made by (who else!) Sony  apparently because of problems with recharging them.

Interestingly, this problem is not directly related to the one behind last month's recalls by Dell and Apple that cited concerns the batteries could overheat and catch fire. This time, the batteries sometimes stop recharging or simply run out of power; no injuries have been reported.

Hey, let's do the numbers:

  • Dell -- 4.1 million faulty batteries
  • Apple -- 1.8 million
  • Toshiba -- 340,000

(If we graph this numbers, does this indicate a downward trend in battery problems?)

The Toshiba recall involves batteries for Dynabook and Satellite models made from March through May; they will be replaced for free.

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