Anybody Squidoo?

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Anybody Squidoo?

Anybody out there Squidoo? Now that is the question.

Squidoo is a new online platform and community that makes it easy for anyone to build a single page -- called a lens -- on a topic, idea, product or cause he or she is passionate about. These lenses in turn help finders get unique, human perspectives instead of computer-selected and often irrelevant search results.

Not only can Lensmasters spread their ideas, get recognized for their knowledge and send more traffic to their Web sites and blogs — they could also earn royalties.

According to the company, Squidoo's goal as a platform is to bring the power of recommendation to search. Squidoo's goal as a co-op is to pay as much money as we can to its lensmasters and to charity. And Squidoo's goal as a community is to have fun along the way, and meet new ideas and the people behind them.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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