Roxio Rocks with Easy Media Creator 8

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Roxio Rocks with Easy Media Creator 8

It seems there used to be so many different types of software to copy music, create videos, copy videos, backup your data. The list of apps seems to go and on and so does the list of software needed.

Thankfully, a couple of companies had the foresight to build all (or nearly all) of this essential software into all-in-one suites.

My favorite has always been Roxio, which seems to nicely balance the "keep it simple stupid" methodology with more advanced features for those of us who need a little more sophistication -- like to "get under the hood" so to speak.

Now, the latest version, Easy Media Creator 8 gives me all the power I need to burn music CDs and DVDs, create video and photo slideshows and perform easy backup; in fact, it's really 25 products all rolled into one.

Here's how they break it down into the four essential areas:

  • Music -- Enjoy up to 50 hours of music on a DVD, create compilation audio or MP3 CDs and capture Internet music or radio shows for your MP3 player.
  • Video -- Capture, import and edit HD video files and create 16:9 DVD video productions and photo slideshows for playback on a widescreen TV.
  • Photo -- Easily share photos using peer-to-peer technology and create high-quality multi-image photo slideshows in HD or on DVD.
  • Backup -- Save your precious memories with drag and drop ease; burn and copy audio, data, photo and video CDs and DVDs, including double layer DVDs.

MSRP: $99.99 ($79.99 direct from Roxio with upgrade/competitor rebate)

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