Another Classic Goes Bye-Bye: Syntax-Brillian Buys Vivitar

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Another Classic Goes Bye-Bye: Syntax-Brillian Buys Vivitar

The camera business -- and the classic industry names like Kodak, Fujifilm, etc. -- has never been the same since digital reared its head a decade ago and "digital imaging" replaced "photography" in everyday speech.

Now, in the latest development, HD set manufacturer Syntax-Brillian has announced that it will purchase film and digital camera maker Vivitar Corp. for $26 million in stock. Syntax-Brillian is counting on its acquisition to give it a bona fide entry into the digital photo business.

(As if there isn't competition enough? Remember how many digital camera manufacturers there used to be, say, five years ago?)

Besides tapping into digital still camera production, Syntax-Brillian said it also expects to use Vivitar's current distribution channels to create new outlets for its HD LCD monitors, notably the Olevia brand. And are there other synergies to come out of this deal ...

(All this news from HD Notebook.)

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