FreePBX High Availability Project Launches at AstriCon

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FreePBX High Availability Project Launches at AstriCon


At AstriCon, Schmooze Com Inc., maintainers and core developers of the FreePBX project today announced a High Availability version of FreePBX called FreePBX HA. I'm a huge fan of FreePBX, and have deployed it, so I'm pretty excited about this new high availability feature.

Until October 15th they are offering a pre-release special of FreePBX HA that includes two node licenses for $1,500, which is a 50% discount! Pre-release buyers will also receive access to private BETA releases and HA development team conference calls.

Schmooze redesigned the FreePBX platform to integrate HA utilizing DRBD, Cluster Manager and Pacemaker. This enables automatic mirroring and failover between FreePBX nodes. When a failure condition is detected on your primary PBX, the system will failover to the secondary. Then when the primary node is repaired or recovers, the system will be able to switch back to the primary FreePBX node. You can setup different levels of monitoring and alerts you want to receive in the event of a problem.
Setting up the High Availability feature is down via FreePBX's easy-to-use web interface as seen here:

Here's some photos of their AstriCon 2013 booth:

Panoramic: [click for larger]

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