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FreePBX World Live Blogging

Just stopped in the FreePBX World session located at ITEXPO and it's pretty packed. Check out the photo: {click for larger}

Tony Lewis is now talking about the FreePBX ecosystem. He started off by explaining why the FreePBX tree frog logo. Tony said, "Tree frogs can only go forwards, never backwards." Well, there ya go, mystery solved!

Tony talked about how FreePBX documentation was scattered and is now centralized into a new wiki. There was mixed response from the audience, but I think they understood the wiki was new and constantly improving.

Tony discussed their new video website – sporting 25 helpful video tutorials. Tony also mentioned their recent launch of a new bugtracker site - He said they currently have over 75,000 posts in the FreePBX forums.

They are now offering three training classifications as part of their certification process: Admin, Technician, Linux.
Tony also talked about SIPStation, acquired from, which is their SIP trunking product tightly integrated into FreePBX. He also mentioned a hosted FreePBX offering by CyberLynk running on Mac Minis as seen here:

This is the first FreePBX World ever and it's off to a good start!

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