Apple's iPod problematic install on Windows

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Apple's iPod problematic install on Windows

Apple is known for having the most userfriendly experience in computing. I've always been a PC fan, even in the old 8086 and 80286 days before Windows even existed - DOS was my friend.

My first experience with Apple was a Macintosh IISE I believe which my college roommate had. I could never get used to the one-click mouse. I also had to take a computer science class designing chip circuits using Macs. The interface was pretty, but it didn't have color. All and all, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't that impressed with Macs.

Then came the Apple iPod - the coolest MP3 player on the planet!! I wanted to replace my Creative Labs Nomad II (64 measly megabytes - approx. ~12 songs) for an Apple iPod. So for at least 3 Christmas's I have desired an iPod. But alas, it was not to be.

Then this past weekend my wife bought me a brand new 15 GB ipod as an anniversary gift. I installed all the software, set up itunes, etc., and then attempted to transfer my music library to the ipod.

I expected the "Apple experience" - you know, so simple and idiot could do it, right? Was I wrong! The problem started when the iPod prompted me to name the iPod. I called it's "Tom Keating's iPod" or something to that effect. I then launched iTunes, selected some songs to download, and then I got this error:

"The iPod cannot be updated. The required folder cannot be found."

huh? what?

So then I download the latest software from Apple's website and even reset the iPod back to factory defaults. Once again, I try to download my songs - same error. Finally, on a mere hunch, I decide to leave the default iPod name (IPOD all caps) and not change it to "Tom Keating's iPod".

Sure enough, after leaving it as "IPOD" everything was fine. So nice error message Apple! How bout something more intuitive? Even searching Apple's site revealed nothing about this error. I believe there is either a character limit or it didn't like the apostrophe. Who knows? I was too busy playing with the working iPod to figure out the exact cause.

After a slow start getting the iPod installed and working, I can finally say I love an Apple product. It only took them 15+ years for me to feel that way.

So does this finally make me part of the elite Mac fan club? Nah... I still love and am married to Windows - and polygamy is not permitted. Though I do have an occasional "affair" with Linux from time-to-time. : )

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