Cool 360 Degree Electrical Outlet

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Cool 360 Degree Electrical Outlet

Who doesn't hate it when you try and plug two large A/C adapters into an electrical wall outlet, only to be frustated that you can only fit one? Not only do you have to install a bulky 6 outlet power strip just to connect two A/C adapters, but having a power strip on the floor of your living room doesn't exact pass the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Trust me, I've tried. Most of us need to power up our laptops, cellphones, and a plethora of other devices, so being limited to one outlet just plain sucks. What to do?

Well, the 360 Electrical Outlet from allows you to maximize your power cord connections even when dealing with big, bulky transformer plugs. The two rotating outlets let you twist and turn so you can make use of both outlets instead of just one. Sweet! Why the heck didn't somebody invent this 50 years ago when most houses were built? Sheesh! Go pick up some 360 Electrical Outlets on! !
  • Rated: 15A, 125V
  • UL Listed design
  • Receptacles "click and hold" in 18 unique positions
  • Fits standard, single gang boxes
  • Back wire

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