Digital Memory cards survive extreme tests

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Digital Memory cards survive extreme tests

Many of us own digital cameras or PDAs that use CompactFlash or SD memory cards. Well, I'm sure none of us would want to lose precious photos or important data contained on these memory cards. A show of hands - "Who backs up their memory card?" Most probably don't, although I'm sure most people download their photos to their computer's hard drive. But as CF/SD cards get larger in size and cheaper in price, I guarantee people will download and erase photos off of their memory cards much less.

My wife is a perfect example of this. (She wants to keep every photo on the memory card and can't bear to erase any of them.) We have a 256MB card in our Canon Powershot G3 camera, and because it was full I downloaded some of the photos and then erased them to free up space on the memory card.

She was none to happy with me since she wanted to show the photos to her girlfriends on the LCD camera display and she wanted to print a few of the photos from the camera. Of course I picked the wrong photos to erase. Doh!

And hey, if your worried about dropping your memory card or accidentally dropping it into a liquid and losing your precious photos, you need not worry. Digital Camera Shopper Magazine decided to do some "torture tests" on memory cards and found them to be virtually indestructible!

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Digital memories survive extremes

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