Disney Mix Stick MP3 player

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Disney Mix Stick MP3 player

Disney Mix Stick MP3 Player FrontDisney launched their own contender to the Apple iPod MP3 player with an MP3 player of their own called the Disney Mix Stick MP3 Player. Disney Mix Stick MP3 players support both MP3 and WMA and are designed to download music files, copy from CDs, as well as accommodate memory cards, called Mix Clips, that feature pre-recorded music from Walt Disney Records. Disney Mix Sticks have a storage capacity of 128MB (about 60 songs), and use USB 2.0 for connectivity. The Disney MP3 players also feature an SD/MMC card slot for as much as 1GB of storage.

"Digital music is exploding and is ready to take off with kids," Chris Heatherly, Disney Electronics vice president, said in a statement. "The Disney Mix Stick-Mix Clips combination is the perfect way for kids to get started with digital music because it's easier to use than players that can only be used with a PC, and it is just as capable."

The Mix Clip memory cards carry full-length albums from Walt Disney Records and since they are standard SD/MMC cards, they are compatible with computers, cellular phones and other devices. The MP3 players are scheduled to ship in mid-October to major retailers and are expected to sell for around $49. The Mix Clips will be offered separately costing about the same as CDs. Here's the rear of the unit featuring Tinker Bell:
Disney Mix Stick MP3 PlayerRear
Amazon has great deals on the Disney Mix Stick worth checking out.

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