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DLO TransPod for iPod

The DLO TransPod is a very cool iPod car accessory. The TransPod plays iPod over your car stereo, it charges your iPod, and it mounts iPod with no messy wires or clutter to deal with.

The TransPod broadcasts the iPod’s music to any FM radio frequency (selectable via the cool LCD display) from 88.1 to 107.9 while simultaneously charging and cradling the iPod in the car. This saves you the trouble of buying a separate transmitter, charger and iPod holder.

The TransPod works with any dockable iPod, including the new iPod nano. According to DLO, "The all-new DLO TransPod features a smaller, sleeker design with a beautiful curved form and easy-access controls. Its new intelligent power control automatically turns the TransPod on when the iPod is docked and off when the TransPod is not in use."

The Transpod features front-based tuning buttons for easy navigation of FM stations and side-based buttons that control backlight and preset functions.

Other new DLO TransPod features include:

  • Audio input to transmit the audio of any MP3 player or other audio device
    like a portable DVD player or PSP gaming system
  • Auxiliary output for use with car aux input ports or a cassette adapter
  • iPod mini insert for perfect iPod mini fit
  • iPod nano insert for secure nano fit
  • Fit pads to accommodate various 3G and 4G size models of iPod
  • Improved, now standard-black charger arm and screws for easy adjustment

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