Electrilite Emergency gadgety flashlight

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Electrilite Emergency gadgety flashlight

The Electrilite Emergency flashlight is a gadget lovers dream! It's a flashlight with bulbs that never need replacing, it's a radio, it's an alarm, and it never needs batteries. This product recharges itself or even your cell phone by using a handcrank. 

This new product follows up on Electrilite's nifty flashlight launched last when they introduced their Electrilite Flashlight, which also never needs batteries or bulbs, and it charges cell phones.  This year, their newest model, The Electrilite Emergency, has all the features of the Original but it adds a built in FM radio and alarm

Perfect for emergency situations, it has the ability to create and store energy and 3 Mega Bright LEDs provide over 100,000 hours of light. They have also included cell phone adapters to charge your cell phone when your battery dies.

The Electrilite Emergency allows you to turn on 1 LED or all 3 LEDs for extra brightness by adjusting the light position button. To charge the Electrilite Emergency, simply crank the ergonomic handle for 1 minute for over 30 minutes of bright light. The radio features volume control, and a scan button to find radio stations.

To charge your phone, you attach the correct cell phone adapter to the power cord and plug it into your phone. Then simply plug the other end of the power cord into the Electrilite EmergencyJ. Begin charging your phone by cranking the handle at a rate of approximately 2-3 cranks per second, which generates a steady 6.2 volts. Because the product is voltage-regulated, turning the handle faster cannot damage the phone and will not speed the charging process. Three minutes of cranking will provide 2-8 minutes of talk time. However, continuous cranking will provide you with an endless supply of talk time.

Hey with Christmas around the corner, this could be the perfect gift!

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