Gadget Lovers Rejoice! AAA Battery Delivery!

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Gadget Lovers Rejoice! AAA Battery Delivery!

Have you ever had a gadget or toy stop working because the batteries died? Of course you have. Worse, have you or Santa Claus forgotten to include batteries in the Christmas stockings to be used with the various children's toys and games? If you've ever had to experience your own puss-in-boots-sad-eyes.pngchild with those sad, sullen eyes looking up at you in disappointment because they cannot play with their newfangled toy on Christmas, you know it is not a fun feeling.

Making a battery run on Christmas is no fun and most stores are closed. So what to do? No worries! AAA offers AAA battery delivery and even installation. I kid you not! Time to renew my AAA membership. No word whether they carry AA, C, or D batteries, but most toys & gadgets these days that use disposable batteries use AAA. Still don't believe me? Well, check out this photo I took on my commute home. smiley-tongue-out

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