Gadgets and Water Don't mix

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Gadgets and Water Don't mix

canon powershot g5
I came home last night and learned my 21-month old daughter Megan had decided to take our Canon Powershot G5 digital camera off the kitchen table and plop it into the dogs' water bowl. My wife scrambled to remove it quickly, but the viewfinder is now all fogged up and it won't turn on. Maybe it will dry out, who knows?

I joked with my wife that surely Megan didn't get her "gadget destroying genes" from a gadget lover like me. Then again, my background is in engineering and engineers like to see how things work, and they love to stress test something to the max, etc. So perhaps the little engineer in her was simply stress testing my digital camera. Well, Megan, it failed - it failed miserably.

Ah well - it was time for a digital camera upgrade anyway.

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