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Google Infoglobe

Can't get enough Google? I mean between checking your GMail, searching Google for interesting blogs, and talking via Google Talk, pretty much your entire waking world revolves around Google, so why not have Google revolve your "sleeping world" as well? This little device can sit on your bedroom nightstand and remind you just how much you love Google. And don't worry about those subliminal messages hidden in the display that say "Click on more Adsense ads! Click until you can't click no more." or "Don't buy Microsoft products. Go with Linux. Firefox is cool." - those are just rumors.

This cool Google info globe may have just signed the deal on Google domination. (ok, not really) Microsoft may want to dominate the living room with multimedia and gaming products, but Google's got the bedroom sewn up with this bedroom accessory! ;) (Hmmm, maybe I should add this to my Google vs. Microsoft tit for tat list?)

Welcome to a Google World! Now if they just add in an alarm clock, speech-recognition for email/Gmail retrieval, a better display (holographic?), microphone/speakers for Google Talk integration, and maybe an integrated hidden Webcam for ummm uhhh bedroom security, yeah.then this would be really cool. B)

From Google:

It’s a message center. It’s a clock. It’s a calendar. Heck, this cool phone accessory is all three. The Google Infoglobe displays Caller ID (name and number) via a scrolling LED message center in large, easy-to-read characters. Voicemail subscribers also see a message-waiting alert.

The Infoglobe is also a clock with date and time stamp (including automatic daylight saving time adjustment). And then there’s the 100-year calendar for easy reference.

Finally, the most fun feature: creating personal messages that circle the globe continuously, or on a specified date (great for birthday reminders). At last, the Times Square news zipper has nothing on you. Measures 6"x 6"x5." The adapter (included) plugs into any wall outlet;memory backup runs on one 9V battery (included).

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