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Halo 2

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Halo 2


Halo 2 Halo2

Halo 2

This is an excellent article discussing the launch of the immensely popular Halo2 for the Xbox: MSNBC - Gamers go gunning for 'Halo 2'. (If the Halo theme music is annoying, scroll up and hit the Stop button)

Think of Halo2 as a the "cabbage patch kids", "Harry Potter"-equivalent phenomenon for teens/adults. I have an Xbox myself, and own the first Halo, but never did get into online gaming via Microsoft Live with Halo or any other Xbox game for that matter. I knew it would be too addicting. I watch enough TV as it is, so if I start playing Halo or Halo2 online I know my wife will not be happy with me.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but feel the temptation to go out and buy Halo2, especially after reading the MSNBC article where a huge line outside the Toys R Us on 44th and Broadway formed waiting to purchase Halo2.

I was also aware of a pirated version of Halo 2 readily available on the Edonkey/Emule network, and I was tempted to check it out, but decided not to. For one, it's the French Halo2 version and I've banned anything from France. Secondly, I am loyal to the Halo bretheren and wouldn't steal Microsoft's and Bungie's (developer) hard earned & well deserved cash for a great game. The MSNBC article talks about similar experiences. i.e. He had downloaded the pirated French version of "Halo 2," last week. But he quickly deleted it. "They spent so much time on the product and it was unfair to ruin their hard work."

Check out this conversation exchange from New York City passerbys to the Halo2 line.

"Excuse me, what is this line for?" asked a passerby to a young man bearing a "Save the earth!" sign.

"Halo 2! Halo 2!" yelled the sign bearer. The entire line picked up the chant. "Halo 2! Halo 2!" they yelled.

"Get a life, you freaking losers!" yelled another passerby.

"Halo 2!" they yelled back.

Yup, I want in with the freaking losers... That would be cool! Maybe I can swap my FOX News TV time (2 hours per night) with playing Halo2. Yeah.. yeah!! That'll work!

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