Ion Audio's WATER ROCKER Waterproof Floating Speaker

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Ion Audio's WATER ROCKER Waterproof Floating Speaker

Show of hands - who doesn't want floating speakers in their pool or hot tub controlled by you, the master DJ using your iPhone, iPad or any other audio source that works with a 1/8-inch audio jack? Sure you could break out your 80s boombox and play some FM radio or play some CDs, but you don't want to look uncool now do you? Now what's cooler than a floating speaker in the middle of the pool so your party guests, family and friends can enjoy your 'Top 50 Most Played' iPhone music playlist with the music playing just inches away? Well, check out Ion Audio's Water Rocker:


Simply relax in the pool as the WATER ROCKER's waterproof, ball-shaped speaker floats right by blasting your favorite music. Your iPhone, iPod or other audio device stays safe on dry land, connected to the WATER ROCKER's wireless transmitter, which can be as much as 100 feet away.

There is also a built-in FM radio and each WATER ROCKER transmitter supports up to 10 total WATER ROCKER speakers. A great portable waterproof speaker that is great for pools, hot tubs, lakes or bringing to the beach. It is fully waterproof and submersible (level IPX7).

Check out the video demo of this floating speaker:

Price: $79.99

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