iPod nanoTune launches

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iPod nanoTune launches

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO), today introduced the DLO nanoTune for iPod nano. It combines an FM Transmitter, FM Radio and Headphone Amplifier into one unit. The nanoTune’s FM Transmitter allows owners to play their iPod nano’s music in the car, at home, anywhere there’s a stereo. It also adds an FM radio to the iPod nano for on-the-go news, sports and weather updates.Other unique features include a headphone amplifier, an integrated protective case that doubles as a desktop stand, and a 30-pin iPod connector for use with all existing iPod car chargers and most iPod docks. The DLO nanoTune costs just $69.99 and is available immediately at iPod retailers nationwide and online at www.dlo.com.

“The nanoTune might be the only accessory an iPod nano owner will ever need,” said Jeff Grady, CEO of DLO. “In designing the product, we realized that protecting the nano was critical. Then, with a transmitter, FM radio and headphone amp, we were working with an end-all, be-all nano accessory.” Let's just hope Steve Jobs over at Apple doesn't copy this innovative third-party iPod product like he did with the new Apple iPod Hi-Fi and the new Apple leather case.

The DLO nanoTune plays iPod nano’s music wirelessly over any available FM radio frequency from 88.1 to 107.9. Drivers and passengers can enjoy iPod nano’s music on their next road trip or commute to work. The at-a-glance backlit LCD conveniently displays the current frequency. The nanoTune works with all existing iPod car chargers to keep everything fully powered. With nanoTune’s integrated desktop stand, users can also set it on their stereo and enjoy iPod nano’s music wirelessly in their house.

With a push of nanoTune’s Mode button, the nanoTune switches to FM Radio Mode - providing instant news, talk, sports and weather updates. The nanoTune is also the perfect companion for the health club or gym where TV audio is often broadcast via FM radio.

Switching to iPod Mode, the nanoTune increases the iPod nano’s volume output by over 25%. This makes listening to the iPod in noisy locations like a train or airplane much easier. The boost also helps out when the iPod nano is being shared with a headphone splitter.

As an added bonus, the nanoTune re-positions the iPod nano’s headphone port to the top of the unit, making headphone access more convenient. Owners can control their iPod nano using the nanoTune’s external controls, including Next Track, Previous Track, and Volume Control.

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