iTunes and Windows Pocket PCs

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iTunes and Windows Pocket PCs

I just got an interesting email offering me an eval copy of a new piece of software called ppcTunes that which they claim is the first tool of its kind to allow Windows iTunes users to auto-copy selected playlists to their Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones & Smartphones. ppcTunes will even map your music files to your storage card so as not to fill up the main memory of your device. As an iPod user and a PocketPC user myself, until this product was created, I knew that Pocket PC users had no way to sync their iTunes playlists to their Windows-based handhelds.

Now I should state that this product copies the .mp3 files for the playlists you select and not the playlists themselves, i.e. "Rock Favorites", "80's Music", etc. I would like to see that feature added. It certainly is quite a frustrating experience to have to maintain separate playlists for Microsoft's Media Player and for my Apple iPod. So if this software added that feature and allowed me to maintain a single playlist library and convert it on-the-fly I'd be one happy camper!

Anyway, here's the release:

ppcTunes Syncs iTunes to Pocket PCs For The First Time
La Jolla, CA--October 2004--Information Appliance Associates, creators of industry-leading connectivity solutions, announces the new release of ppcTunes, the first ever tool to automatically copy & convert music from Apple iTunes to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones & Smartphones.
"We're incredibly excited," said Terence Goggin, CTO of Information Appliance Associates. "Now, Windows users of iTunes can get their MP3s & WMAs to their Windows Mobile devices."
What's more, ppcTunes has built-in technology to conserve space on users' PDAs. The application has the option to convert users' MP3s into 1/2-size WMA files and then copy these files to the PDA.
"One of the features we kept hearing over and over again from our customers was they didn't want their devices bursting at the seams with music," Goggin continued. "That's why we have the option of further compressing MP3s into WMA files, cutting the space requirement of these files in half. We also give users the option to sync their music to a Storage Card, opening up additional storage besides the built-in option for their handheld."
Additional features of ppcTunes include "Sync on Connect", allowing users to make sure every time they connect their PDA to their PC, ppcTunes will run and copy their music automatically and "Playlist Select", where users can choose exactly which playlists get synched every time. Goggin concluded, "This is a really exciting merging of two worlds.Now iTunes users can sync their non-copyrighted music to their Windows Mobile handhelds."

ppcTunes retails for $9.95.

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