iTunes streaming to mobile phone using Slingbox and Apple TV

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iTunes streaming to mobile phone using Slingbox and Apple TV

Apple TV has become the ultimate hacker magnet allowing users to use the Apple TV in ways Apple hadn't intended. As discussed recently, Apple TV was hacked to allow Asterisk, the open-source IP-PBX to run on it. Check out the Apple TV Asterisk tut. Now it appears that just a few weeks after launch, CNet is talking about an intriguing new feature for that will allow you to stream music from iTunes on your home computer to your cell phone leveraging Apple TV and Slingbox.

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It's a bit of a kludge since the iTunes music has to sync from your PC to the Slingbox and then to your mobile phone. Slingbox is actually working on making the Slingbox compatible with Apple TV. This would enable streaming of Apple TV content to a mobile device. In theory, both audio (mp3) and video content could be streamed from the PC to the Apple TV to the SlingBox and finally to a phone capable of running the SlingPlayer - i.e. Windows Mobile, Palm or Symbian. The Apple iPhone, due out soon supports EDGE (generally classified as a 2.75G network technology - not quite 3G) and is capable of 1 MBit/s peak speeds.

With these wireless speeds, if Steve Jobs ever permits the SlingPlayer to run on the iPhone, that could be a killer app for the iPhone when used in conjunction with either the Slingbox or the Apple TV. More likely, Apple will only permit their own DRM-infested audio/video player so you have to "pay up" to download music and videos from their iTunes store. :( I could be wrong. I hope I am. Though it is perfectly plausible that since both the Apple TV and iTunes run the same DRM protection, Apple could permit direct streaming from the Apple TV to the Apple iPhone. I mean you paid for the content, right? So I don't see why Apple would prevent you from streaming content you paid for to another device you own.

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