Ringback the New Ringtone?

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Ringback the New Ringtone?

According to MSNBC, the next multibillion-dollar surprise in the cellular business will be "ringback" tones.

Instead of the usual ringing tone that people hear when calling someone, callers to Verizon Wireless subscribers may find themselves listening to a song until the phone has been answered.

Say it ain't so! I have enough of a beef with obnoxious ringtones. Ever see someone intentionally let their phone keep "ringing" just so they could hear the rest of their damn ringtone? I just want to say to them, "Pick up the damn phone. Nobody cares about your music tastes."

I don't want to dial someone's cellphone and have to listen to music I may not care for or may even be offended by. I suppose if teenagers want to use this feature, that's fine, but I pray this does not take off in the business world. When I make a business phone call I don't want to know the other person's music tastes, their political affiliation, or their religious affiliation.

What's next? Music dial-tone?

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