SafetyMate Is the PHIZ Winner

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SafetyMate Is the PHIZ Winner

The SafetyMate Emergency Information Device (EID) gets a booster shot for sales as the winner of the $25,000 PHIZ BIZ Product Makeover Contest for 2006.

The contest was designed to help companies with innovative products not yet available in the retail mainstream expand their market entry position with a comprehensive program that aligns their product to the reality of a retail buyer’s requirements.

SafetyMate has developed the first patented EID to provide step-by-step, interactive verbal instructions during a medical emergency, arming regular citizens with the information needed to take crucial life-saving steps until professional help arrives.

The portable EID was developed in close cooperation with the American Red Cross and its protocols are based on the same information used by 911 operators.

PHIZ assembled a panel of experts for judging that includes participants from Wired Magazine, SHOP, Etc., Ziff Davis - Digital Life, Tower Media and Gordon and Glickson. The product entries were scored on a wide range of factors -- includng their branding, package design, pricing, competitive positioning, sales materials and how they would fit into current market trends.

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