Satellite TV signal behind trees

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Satellite TV signal behind trees

satellite tv dishSomeone emailed me about his satellite TV problem not being able to penetrate some trees. He writes, "I have a line of trees behind my house and the sky engineer says its not poss for me to ever get satellite. ...surely this isn't the case? Do you know of a product I can purchase to solve my problem?"

I'm not sure I know myself the solution to satellite signal issues when the satellite dish is behind a line of trees, however I know I have seen houses with satellite dishes that were partially and even completely obstructed by trees. I recall one house where I saw a huge oak tree directly in the line of site of the satellite dishm yet somehow they were obviously receiving a satellite television signal. Maybe the satellite signal is able to penetrate through gaps in the leaves? My house is actually obstructed by some trees and I've been contemplating signing up for satellite TV, so I need to find out the answer myself. I used to have DirectTV many moons ago. It was the best satellite provider back then, but I know Dish Network has gained on them. Will have to compare the two.

Anyone know the answer to the satellite tree issue? How much obstruction can you have and still get a strong signal?


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