Sony mylo personal communicator

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Sony mylo personal communicator

Sony's Mylo ("my life online") personal communicator is a new gadget that provides users access to online instant messaging services, Web pages (fully-featured Opera browser), e-mails, play music, and view photos. Most interestingly, the mylo communicator comes with Skype software built into it for VoIP calling. It also has Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger embedded, but it's not clear if these two applications will only support IM or VoIP as well, however Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger only support IM and not VoIP. You'll have to use Skype exclusively for VoIP. Like a competing gadget, the Nokia 770 internet tablet, the Sony Mylo skips a SIM card in favor of WiFi only.

Sony Mylo
Sony Mylo with and without thumbpad displayed

No that's not a Sony PSP, but they sure damn look alike. In fact, one has to wonder why Sony didn't simply come out with a Sony PSP V2.0 (PSP2?) that merges the functionality of the mylo with the popular gaming features of the Sony PSP. Some simple future firmware upgrades of the PSP can add Skype functionality for sure, so I'm not sure why the need for an entirely new device.  I'd buy a future Sony PSP model that can do web surfing, VoIP via Skype, and had IM capabilities.

In any case, the slim, oblong-shaped device features a 2.4 inch color LCD (measured diagonally) with a slide out QWERTY keyboard for comfortable and quick thumb typing. The product includes JiWire’s hotspot directory listing more than 20,000 WiFi networks in the United States, so you can find a hotspot near you.

Using the mylo you can send and receive text emails with web mail services like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. 1GB of flash memory is available on the mylo personal communicator to store music, videos, and images. It supports the playback of MP3, ATRAC or WMA (secure and unsecure) files. The mylo communicator has a built-in speaker for listening to music so you can share your music with those around you. You can also view MPEG-4 personal videos by transferring files via USB cable or with Memory Stick Duo media. You can also store JPEG pictures from the Internet or your digital camera.

The mylo device uses a lithium-ion battery that offers up to 45 hours of music playback, around seven hours of chatting and web surfing and more than three hours of continuous Skype talk time. It comes with a microphone, stereo headphones, a USB cable and a neoprene case.
The mylo personal communicator will be available in September for about $350 online at, at Sony Style retail stores

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