Sony VAIO VN-CX1/B Mouse and Skype Gadget

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Sony VAIO VN-CX1/B Mouse and Skype Gadget

The Sony VAIO VN-CX1 is a strange convergence gadget - it's a mouse that doubles as a Skype phone. You simply press a button on the side and the mouse flips open to become a clamshell-style phone.

I guess the idea is to combine two peripherals into one, but really this device seems pointless. For one, I read that when it is operating as a Skype phone, the mouse functions are disabled. It's a fine novelty device, but I wouldn't use it regularly and at £59.99 it's quite pricey when you can get a good quality USB headset/handset for less and there are plenty of USB ports available for connectivity.

  • Can be used as conventional handset or hands-free (speakerphone) operation
  • LED on top of the mouse lights up when there's an incoming call
  • USB powered
  • 800 dpi resolution
  • Lightweight: 67 g

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