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Streaming TV to Mobile Phone

In my Streaming Live TV blog entry from November, I talked about how I was able to stream recorded video files across the Internet to a 2nd PC. I did have some difficulty accessing my Sony VAIO's proprietary MPEG encoder card, so I couldn't stream live TV, but I was able to stream .AVI files and even DVDs. Cool stuff.

Well, today I received an email from a company claiming they can stream TV programs to your mobile phone.

Check it out!

Dear Tom,

Missed your favorite TV program last night? If you have a mobile phone, that’s not a problem anymore. With streaming television emerging as one of the hottest trends in the mobile marketplace, anyone with a mobile phone can take their favorite shows with them wherever they go. The Mobile Media Company AS, a global leader in the provision of interactive entertainment services, has partnered with technology company Rubberduck Media Lab to provide live, streaming TV to mobile channels and wireless devices around the world.

Mobile Media will use its extensive international network of media, broadcast, and mobile operator partnerships to deliver Rubberduck’s 2.5 and 3G supported downloadable content and streaming video to wireless subscribers worldwide. Media companies will be able to manage their own content and live feeds or take advantage of Rubberduck’s wide range of services. Rubberduck has already been operating in the Scandinavian market through Norwegian channel NRK, to bring live television content to consumers.

Please see the attached press release for more information on this partnership. I would be happy to arrange for you to interview Steinar Svalesen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Media, regarding this arrangement and the effects of streaming television on the global mobile marketplace. Please feel free to contact me at 610-642-8253 or if you are interested in this story or if you have any questions.

Thanks for your consideration.



Partnership brings live television content to millions of wireless phone customers

Oslo, Norway, January 11, 2005 – The Mobile Media Company (, one of the leading, independent providers of global wireless, interactive entertainment services and marketing applications, today announced an agreement with UK-based Rubberduck Media Lab Limited (, to provide live, streaming television to mobile channels and wireless devices worldwide.

“Working with Rubberduck is another step in our continued commitment to the future of mobile interactivity and the evolution of the 4th entertainment screen—the wireless device,” says Karsten Hauge, CEO of The Mobile Media Company AS.

Building on Mobile Media’s extensive international network of media, broadcast, and mobile operator partnerships, Rubberduck will deliver its 2.5 and 3G supported downloadable content and streaming video to millions of Mobile Media wireless subscribers. Through Rubberduck’s services, media companies can manage their own content and live feeds, or take advantage of Rubberduck’s complete range of services, including live encoders and hosted solutions.

“Our mission is to enable media companies and broadcasters to launch, operate, and generate revenue by reaching people on the move at any time,” says Gavin Whyte, Managing Director of Rubberduck Media Lab. “Since our service utilizes software already pre-installed in most 2.5 and 3G phones, users can view our clients' services, whether they are live or pre-recorded, and in turn provide the largest reach possible to video mobile phone subscribers within a client’s market.”

Mobile Media and Rubberduck Media Lab are partnering to test wireless TV in North America. Both companies are in discussion with leading international broadcasters to launch mobile TV channels and services in the first quarter of 2005.

Now operating in the Scandinavian market, Rubberduck’s streaming video service brings live television content to wireless subscribers through NRK, a live mobile TV channel. Rubberduck and NRK were first in Europe to offer live television content via all networks. The carrier-independent service supports the 3G standard for mobile TV, and enables Norwegian mobile video phone owners to watch NRK programs, without having to install additional software products or players.

A Yankee Group 2004 Mobile User Survey (USA) of the Young Adult Segment found 24% of users saying they are prepared to pay to view live TV on their mobile phones, compared to 22% for music, and 12% for short video clips.

“Our partnership with Rubberduck means we’re poised to deliver TV programming to the wireless mass-market,” says Steinar Svalesen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Media North America. “Downloadable content and streaming video services are turning the corner, and we believe 2005 will bring significant growth in the North American market. This partnership accelerates our ability to lead the way in this new mobile wireless era.”

About Mobile Media
The Mobile Media Company AS ( is a global provider of wireless provisioning and content solutions, interactive entertainment services and mobile marketing applications. Mobile Media works with leading industry players and a wide-range of customers including mobile carriers, broadcasters, media companies and major consumer brands. The Company was founded in 1993 to pioneer mobile messaging services and technologies and since then, has become a fast developing, multi-media organization with over 200 employees.

The Mobile Media Company AS serves customers in over 30 countries, with mobile connectivity to more than 500 million subscribers in both the mature and developing markets of Asia, Europe, and North America. The Company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices and technology development centers in the UK, Romania, China, and the USA.

Mobile content providers should contact Mobile Media at To partner with Mobile Media, please contact us at For all other enquiries, please contact info@mobilemedia.comor visit us online at

About Rubberduck Media Lab
Rubberduck Media Lab is a technology company specializing in developing and integrating state-of-the-art solutions for clients who wish to enable content and services to be delivered over mobile networks. The company was started by key members of the mobile division of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

The company has delivered live television programming and on-demand multi-media content to mobile devices since early 2004. They have relationships with major broadcasting networks in Scandinavia and the USA, network operators in Europe and the USA, and leading content providers worldwide. Rubberduck Media Lab was the only streaming partner for the Telenor (Norway) 3G launch in November 2004. They have current relationships with the following companies, including NRK, Nextreaming, Sprint, Fox, Telenor, and 2.

Rubberduck Media Lab is a major player in the delivery and advancement of technology solutions to network operators and broadcasters, as well as a provider of service provision solutions to content providers and second tier networks and broadcasters.

The company’s management is experienced in mobile and television technologies, with a strong track record in mobile content brands and the streaming of high quality live TV over GPRS and 3G networks. The management team has been heavily involved in the recent floatation of a leading mobile content provider on Alternative Investment Market (U.K.).

Mobile Media Press Contacts:

US: Sarah Galea. Tel:+ 1-610-642-8253 E-mail:
Norway: Steinar Svalesen. Tel:+ 47-9572-8490 E-mail:

Rubberduck Media Lab Press Contacts:
Lee Dudack. Tel: + 44 (0)20 7886 0891, E-mail:

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